Small steps to a great future?

Good day. I decided to write a small post about how things are moving for the RedLine.

To begin with, I am now from time to time try to stream the process of making project alive. I really liked this experiment, on the one hand, this is another content on the channel and at the same time work on the project + communication with the audience and answers to their questions.

Dare I say that I killed two birds with one shoot? Maybe.

About RedLine?

I almost shoveled and prepared the car of the main character. I must say that I am doing this for the second time already, about half a year ago, I had the same model fully prepared for animation with a full rig, but for some reason I didn’t suddenly find these projects, which really upset me. On the other hand, I better optimized the existing model.

The only thing I don’t like is how much time it takes to work. After all, in addition to one car of the main character, in the same way it is necessary to prepare other cars, characters, scenes. Therefore, through trial and error, I try to find the best way to prepare models for animation, which will minimize the time costs as much as possible.

That’s all for now.

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